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Snow Sheep Hunt
Posted by admin March 14, 2015
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    Hunters in Siberia  2015

    For the 2015 Season and with the direct flights from Anchorage Alaska to Kamchatka Russia allowing us to operate in the game rich Anadyr Siberia Region, one of the last remote places left that is virtually untouched by outfitters the Anadyr Region alone is over 800 miles across with many mountain Ranges full of Snow Sheep and valleys full of The Chukotka Moose the largest specie of Moose in the world. I will offer for August 1st to the 15th or August 15th to the 29th. The is a 14 day Snow Sheep Hunts .

    I will personally meet all Hunters upon their arrival to Petropavlovsk Kamchatka and Fly every one the 600 miles North East with fixed wing plane and remain with them for the duration of all Hunts, Flying and locating heavy populations of Game then using Helicopters and Boats to place Hunters in camps near them and taking all game Fair Chase.


    Snow Sheep -these are the Koryak specie of the Snow Sheep located only in the extreme East part of Siberia,we have also the Kamchatka Big Horn and Kolma Sheep in some of these Ranges.

    Day 1 I will meet all Hunters when they arrive at the Petropavlovsk Kamchatka Airport Hunters will arrive around 8:00am and will take us the better part of that day to reach our Hunting areas but can rest and be ready to Hunt from 3 thru 12th.I will be personally flying Hunters to the Anadyr Region with my big Russian Bi- Wing Plane and stay there with each group locating good game and placing Hunters close as possible with Horses,Track Rigs,River Boats , or Helicopters.

    Day 2 moving Hunters around to locations getting ready to start Hunting .

    Day 3 thru 12 Hunters will be in and out of the field from moose and Sheep camps.

    Day 13 Hunters will be flown South and overnight where all Trophies will be wrapped and prepared for the flight home.

    Day 14 From Esso hunters will travel back to Petropavlovsk and catch the evening flight back to Moscow or Anchorgage Alaska for hunters traveling Via Anchorage your flight will leave around 8:pm this year will be on Saturdays .

    Note: Hunters traveling from Moscow will need to arrive in Petropavlovsk Kamchatka one day before Hunters arriving from Alaska.