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  • 08 Mar 2011
    While out and about today saw hugh flock of snows at the intersection of Mahem and Mudmill area. Yesterday flock of 500 flew over house at 4:00 pm. There are still snows hanging around Logans Lane. Good Luck everyone
    3171 Posted by deerhunterdefl
  • 05 Mar 2011
    I've let a couple of days go bye. Went out this morning and by 6:05 am the snows were out of the refuge. Saw lots of high flying geese and snows all heading North. Hope you hunters up in NY state are ready for they are a coming ur way. Interestingly saw some flocks flying from east heading northeast so I figure they were holed up in the Jersey marshes. Plenty of shore birds migrating and bald eagles could be seen along with marsh hawks working the inpound this morning at Davey Crockett WLA. Saw flock of 300-400 snows sitting by houses on Kitts Hammock Road.Everyone have a nice weekend.
    2334 Posted by deerhunterdefl
  • 01 Mar 2011
    I really hope more hunters from Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware join SeemeHunt and begin reporting on fishing, turkey hunting, deer hunting, duck and goose hunting throughout Delmarva and Jersey, if not on this group one of your own which points the outsdoor person to areas where they may be more successful on their outings. Not asking for your hot-spots or honey holes, just wildlife and fish movements, times of day where sight in general areas. This information would be deeply appreciated by the local hunters of this area. Thanks, happy hunting or fishing
    1426 Posted by deerhunterdefl
  • 24 Feb 2011
    Travelled up to Woodland Beach and set up blind 42. Several small flocks of 50 or less passed by outside shooting range at 8:30 thru (a.m. Next flock flew by at 10:30 a.m, about three hundred birds. Plenty of dark geese, noticed birds were flying from North South, saw one flock flying southeast towards bay or Jersey. At 11:00 a.m packed upheading home, saw a dlock of 500 to 800 birds leaving Bomb Bay hook heading west towards Smyrna at 12 noon. Scouted Kitts Hummock and saw two large flocks of 500 or more snows heading North over the bay. Checked Davey Crocket and found a large flock of 3,000-5,000 birds in the refuge area. Will try to set up on blind 19 tommorrow in all the wind and rain.This dare last year we had a blizzard and we had really excellent shooting around the Little Creek area.
    1131 Posted by deerhunterdefl
Waterfowl 1,043 views Feb 22, 2011
Snow goose migration in mid-atlantic

Last year the snow goose migration began March 5 thru the end of march with a few stragglers hanging about. Last week there were ten of thousands of snows between Prime Hook and Little Creek Delaware. Canadas were stagging and in big flocks to the east of Felton on Rte 10. I have been out this past weekend and seen no Canadas in the field nor have any flocks of snows flew over the house. I have called my sons on Kent Island, Md and Ocean City N.J as well as my sister in Church Hill , Md to inquire about snows. None of my family reports seeing any. I'm beginning to think that they have left here by last weekend with maybe a few straggler flocks staying longer.I tried to locate a migration report to see if the snows are in NY State so as not to wasre my time in a blind with only the wind blowing in my face. If anyone has spotted the snows please let us know flock size and where sighted.

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