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  • heinrich For an unforgettable hunting experience contact Heinrich at visit our 
    August 11
  • Chris Avena Happy Friday - What are your plans for the weekend?
    August 21
  • Terry Norris It looks like the Vermont Fish & Wildlife are going to allow the use of crossbow for those over 50 yrs old but it won't go into effect until 2016, so no need for me to practice for this fall.
    April 26
  • Scott Stover Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Hope everyone's week is going well and not too busy!!
    August 11
  • Shelby Byrd We have planted the fall crop of corn and are starting to get the Dove fields ready.  It's getting to be that time of the year. 
    August 2
  • Kaylee Jackson Chris and I are on our way to TX this Thursday to hunt for Black Buck, Aoudad, and TX Dall. Let's all wish us luck. I am wishing luck for us both ....
    July 12
  • Cornwallis Percy Howdy from my new home in San Antonio!
    August 17