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  • Shelby Byrd We meet some family at the beach today for some fishing.  We caught around 50 fish with the cast nets.  Most of the fish were small but they sure tasted good tonight at the cookout. 
    Mon at 10:55 PM
  • Chris Avena God Bless All Of Those Who Served Our Great Nation. Thank You For Your Service!
    Mon at 10:27 AM
  • Scott Stover It was a great evening for riding last night, we took a short ride around the county last evening, it was beautiful, saw all kinds of critters, 3 turkeys, 5 deer-2 of which were bucks, 1 fox and several rabbits! The peanuts are just starting to come up good, and the deer are in them already! Might be a pretty good season this year! Mild winter and lots of fawns!! I love being outside!!!! I will have to try and get some pictures through the binos next time!!!
    Thu at 7:19 AM
  • Terry Norris It looks like the Vermont Fish & Wildlife are going to allow the use of crossbow for those over 50 yrs old but it won't go into effect until 2016, so no need for me to practice for this fall.
    April 26
  • Lee M. Getting pretty pumped. Here in Georgia squirrel season starts in 3 weeks and then deer a month after that. 
    July 24, 2014
  • shop.armytek Armytek Dobermann  Main features: 1. Amazing brightness 1250 LED lumens and focused narrow light at the distance up to 314 meters for precise aiming. 2. Compact and light-weight flashlight with good price for comfortable mounting on weapon. 3. Perfectly selected brightness modes and easy operation for comfortable use. 4. Compatibility with the accessories for hunting — remote switches and mounts. 5. Record runtimes: 1.5 hours at maximal mode and up to 36 days at minimal mode. More information is here:
    May 12
  • Chris Bates If you have an outdoor product or service and want to be on the Northeasts most popular outdoor Tv show get hold of us and we can get you booked 
    May 22
  • Kaylee Jackson This coming up Sat May 30 Chris Avena will be On CatchTheMadness with Kaylee Mountain Talk 97.1 FM click.listen to at 8:30/am CST or Audio on Demand if not available at that time. 
    May 24