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  • Jacquie Shore Its Turkey time here in Ontario! Headed out this week to bag a bird or two! Wish me luck.
    57 minutes ago
  • Terry Norris It looks like the Vermont Fish & Wildlife are going to allow the use of crossbow for those over 50 yrs old but it won't go into effect until 2016, so no need for me to practice for this fall.
    April 26
  • annevinnola Howdy from Colorado! Hope I don't run into any antis HERE!! LOL
    April 25
  • WomenHunt Too Sweet Dreams!!! Say your prayers!!
    April 24
  • Chris Avena Good Luck to Everyone Hunting Thunder Chickens Today!
    April 25
  • Scott Stover Well the Monsoon has quit for a few time to dry out for a little bit and see what happens....Headed to Jacksonville this weekend for a big music festival, so no chasing birds this weekend....but the end month, Im gonna try to put one on the ground!!
    April 21
  • Neil Hoefs For the second straight year, hunters checked fewer birds during the first week of Ohio’s spring wild turkey season - See more at:
    May 5, 2014