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  • Chris Bates Do you have your Butterball Turkey yet? for the holidays? listen to Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped today at 4 pm for your chance to win one on AM 1370 WBTN or live on line With Chris Bates and Stephanie Calabro
    November 20
  • John Weavind Loading an Add to See Me Hunt. Paying for the Add through Paypal. Its strange and ive searched for somewhere to increase the payment. At the moment it sticks with 0,25 anyone got any ideas here?
    Thu at 3:40 AM
  • Chris Avena Happy Thanksgiving and Have a Safe Hunting Weekend from all of us at 
    Thu at 7:00 AM
  • AmericanSportsmanClub Anybody got a good recipe for cooking a young Groundhog? My Dad said they were good to eat.  
    June 27
  • Mike Wright I have to share with you how disappointing my search has been for a Stag hunt in Argentina / Chile. I have contacted numerous operations, but almost all hunts seem to be a tiered trophy system. This hunt was intended to take my missus as a new hunter (she has hunted and killed, but still new) for a nice trophy, but I cannot imagine having to tell her not to shoot a trophy. It would be like telling your kids that and may just take the desire to hunt straight out of them. The size of your trophy should in large part depend on your luck and skill; usually the former in my experience. I do not and will not support trophy hunting by the size of your bank account even though I can afford it within reason ( $350,000 rhinos for me). When did this become hunting? Don't get me wrong, I have hunted large ranches in Africa before and been asked by the owner not to shoot a certain animal if we see it which I understand, but as a rule this is entirely unacceptable. I hope none of you support this type of hunting. Even if you can afford it, the end result will be to squeeze out the common man, making it unaffordable. The dooms day scenario is when the common man can no longer hunt we do not have a large enough coalition to go against anti-hunters in court and then it is all over. So disgusted.
    November 19
  • Bob Elliott so how do I miss a deer standing broadside at 17 yds?????????????????????? The up side is I have another nice maple tree to hang over the fireplace.
    October 25
  • joe