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  • Chris Avena Now that the season is over for most we are our annual clothes drive. If you have any un-wanted hunting clothes or just some sitting around taking up space let us know and we will take them off your hand. This is all to help get women, children or military vet ready for the up coming season. For more details Contact David March or Jason Veselica or email us at for more details
    July 20
  • Neil Hoefs For the second straight year, hunters checked fewer birds during the first week of Ohio’s spring wild turkey season - See more at:
    May 5
  • Timothy Clark I must say I have become a huge fan of Henry Firearms        
    March 31
  • James Kerns Hi Chris, doing well now, Thanks. Bad back gets me down now and again and i lay low and heal up.  Ranch work and Turkey hunting kept me busy all spring. Ohio had a terrible wet spring, rain 5-6 days a week made work and play tuff.  No turkey's off our place this year, too much water and all around bad weather, one friend commented "Are we duck hunting or Turkey hunting here",LMAO! Next year should have real good population of two and three year old birds to hunt, we often see upwards of 100 birds in a flock at a time here in the fall, which is a better hunt anyway! If anyone is interested in an October or November Turkey or Deer hunt, or combo hunt, let me know and i will get you the information.
    June 14, 2011
  • karabo kubjana Hunting season just got started in South Africa!
    June 19