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  • 27 Jul 2012
    Mia & the Little Gal: Adventure Camp post up at the WON Posted on July 27, 2012 by Mia Anstine Guess what?!A new post is up at the WON. Head over there and let us know what YOU’VE been doing this summer. Mia & The Little Gal: A very special adventure camp July 27, 2012 by Women’s Outdoor News Leave a Comment The Little Gal and I have been experiencing an amazing, whirlwind of a summer. We hope you have been enjoying yours as well. We already shared some of oursummer vacation with you, but summer did no…Read more of this post at: Getting kids outside! ….. Don’t forget to read about Mia & the Little Gal’s adventures at the Women’s Outdoor News Visit Prois Hunting for hunting and field apparel for women. Visit TenPoint Crossbows for “the mark of perfection” in crossbows Advertisements on this site are random and do not express or represent the opinion of Mia Anstine.
    8714 Posted by Mia Anstine
  • 10 Mar 2012
    Arrow Puller from TenPoint Crossbow Technologies® by Mia Anstine The Little Gal was fortunate enough to receive a compound bow for Christmas. We practice shooting three to four times a week and she is really getting pretty good. If any of you have spent any time shooting targets with a compound or crossbow, you probably know it can sometimes be hard to pull your arrow [...] Read more of this post
    7453 Posted by Mia Anstine
  • 24 May 2012
    A new Mia & the Little Gal post at the WON by Mia Anstine Head over to the Women's Outdoor News and see what the Little Gal and I have been up to. I am so fortunate, and thankful, to give her these opportunities. Mia & the Little Gal: Bow fishing with an Olympian Posted: 23 May 2012 07:01 AM PDT As many of you know, I am doing my best [...] Read more of this post
    3031 Posted by Mia Anstine
  • 22 Jan 2013
    A favorite in the blind or at the range – Winchester® Ammunition’s AA® TrAAcker™ by Mia Anstine In visiting with other instructors, shooters and outdoor enthusiasts post SHOT Show I have been asked the same question numerous times. "What was your favorite thing at SHOT Show?" There are always many things that impress me at the show. I will over the next few weeks, be sharing some of the great new releases [...] Read more of this post
    2912 Posted by Mia Anstine
Deer 2,270 views Dec 02, 2012
Playground Buck

Playground Buck

by Mia Anstine

It's been a fun weekend. LG and I were pretty busy, but it seemed everywhere we went there were mule deer. She practiced volleyball with a friend at our local park, and these deer didn't even give she or her friend a second look. Check out this "playground buck". Do you think he was going [...]

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