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  • 21 May 2010
    What kinds of guns do you guys/gals own?   What kinds of guns do you guys/gals do you think are must haves? 
    988 Posted by Mike Lopez
1,135 views May 21, 2010

 Hello to all, my name is Mike.  I recently purchased my first guns.  A Marlin 336 in 30-30 winchester, and a mossberg 500 in a 20 gauge. i also have a 12 gauge, but thats for home defense purposes.  my main reason for starting this topic is because i am very interested in hunting, however i do not know anyone that hunts.  i am taking my hunter safety course the first week of june (2 weeks) i am looking for someone to take me under their wing and basically teach me how to hunt, and do it while still showing respect for the outdoors and other living creatures as well as being mindful of other hunters.  i am willing to pay for any expenses that are necessary, however im not trying to break the bank.  i am becoming a marine in the next few months and this is something i have wanted to do all my life, but it goes against everything i was ever taught growing up.  hunting is also something that i was taught never to do, however i have always wanted to.  i would like the opportunity to try it before going to parris island.  if anyone is interested please do not hesitate to contact me.  thanks for taking the time to read this...---Mike

  • Chris Avena
    Chris Avena I like that they do that now. It makes sense. Why have a hunter safety course without showing the proper use of a weapon?
    June 6, 2010
  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Deleted Member yea, they show proper maintenance as well as safety first....I applaude this education course, its I have to start doing my research for games and their respective seasons
    June 6, 2010 - delete
  • Thomas Michel
    Thomas Michel I just took my nephew for his hunter safety in Pa and they didn't have any hands on shooting. they had fake rifles they were using to demonstrate safe gun handeling. Nj sounds like they have it together much better than Pa for a safety coarse. I agree tha...  more
    June 6, 2010
  • Mike Lopez
    Mike Lopez the greatest thing about the hunter safety course is that it is recognized nationwide. besides the nice instructors that actually want to be there and show beginners like myself the ropes, i had a fun time just getting to learn different things such as s...  more
    June 6, 2010