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    • April 27, 2010 4:24 PM EDT
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      Take 6-8 Cutlets and soak in Milk

      3 eggs Fresh crushed black pepper Onion Powder 1 tbs Garlic Powder 1 tbs 11/2 cups .Bread crumbs seasoned 11/2 cups.Corn Flake Crumbs (optional) delicious! Frying pan heat up with extra virgin olive oil not to much oil or cutlets will be oily, Make sure pan is very hot prior to putting cutlets on to fry… Do this prior to serving, Venision must be served hot… After rinsing your Venison fillets pat them dry on paper towel. Then put the cutlets in Milk and let soak for 1 hour in refrigerator, Take cutlets and dip into the egg batter poking tiny holds in the meat with the fork while mixing it around the egg, Mix the bread crumbs and corn flakes in one mixing bowl with onion powder, pepper and garlic powder, season to taste, Dip the egg wet cutlets into the bread crumb both sides and pat the crumbs into the cutlet so its on completely.
      U will have to do this quickly because you want all the cutlets to cook evenly in the frying pan, after the downside is brown turn over the cutlet and do the same on the other, after they are completely cooked or so you think do a taste test by cutting a corner, it should NOT be RED or PINK if it is put it back on. Then take out and serve, Salt and pepper to taste if you like it that way, You also can add a little seasoned spice, Not salt spice, But put it on while its hot… Serve and Enjoy… Chop 1 cup Cucumber &1 diced Tomato… Add any flavor vinigrette and 1 teaspoon sugar, mix in bowl…. You can add a little fresh cilantro or any herb to give it more flavor, serve with the cutlets as side dish…

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