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    • March 2, 2016 6:53 AM EST
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      It all started when I was around 14, and Its been a love that cannot be explained. I started shooting competitively indoors and 3D where I won two state titles in the late 80s. I also spent some time as a staff shooter for American Archery, as well as a shop shooter for different retail stores. I spent about twelve years in bow hunter education where , I became a master instructor and was able to help around 1500 high school students , boy scouts ,
      I Have been married to my loving wife Becky for 30 years. We have one daughter, Leigha, she is 23
      I've been fortunate enough to hunt Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, New Mexico, Ohio ,Tennessee, West Virginia and Ontario Canada.
      I have Been blessed to take over a hundred animals including Bear, Boar, Deer, Elk, and Turkey, Along with many small game with my bow.
      With my 40 years behind a bow and the love of the outdoors I hope I can close the gap between you and the game that you pursue.
      God has blessed me. Family and church is my top priority. I count myself as being fortune and blessed to have an opportunity to be apart of a company where I can asset and help you in your quest for hunting trophy big game. And with Chris asking me on board with the forum I am again blessed and look forward in talking and trading hunting stores.
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