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  • 21 Dec 2015
                  Inteliscope PRO+ Rifle Mount For Seek Thermal’s CompactXR Camera Now Shipping   Product showcases the first integration of Seek’s CompactXR thermal image camera into a night vision scope at a price point of less than $500   SANDPOINT, Idaho, December 21, 2015 – Inteliscope LLC today announced it is now shipping the patented Inteliscope PRO+ Rifle Mount for Seek Thermal’s award-winning CompactXR thermal imaging camera. Inteliscope is the first company to integrate the Compact XR into a night vision scope at a price point of $497.   “With a highly successful pre-sale campaign for the Inteliscope PRO+ Rifle Mount for Seek’s CompactXR, we could not be more pleased to bring this product to market,” said Jason Giddings, Inteliscope’s CEO. “This product is such a great example of how Inteliscope is tapping into the latest technologies to help our customer base perform better and be safer in the field.”   “We are excited to see new innovations through the use of our products and SDK starting with Inteliscope’s mounting kit,” said Tracy Benson, VP of Global Marketing for Seek Thermal. “The idea that the Inteliscope team could quickly make an accessory suitable for their customers leveraging the same smartphone CompactXR device and Seekware SDK at affordable prices is remarkable."   The $497 Inteliscope PRO+ Rifle Mount bundle provides a quality night vision experience for a fraction of the cost of stand-alone units. The Inteliscope PRO+ mounts any smartphone to the shooters rifle and the Seek XR is integrated into the PRO+ mount using a snap-in bracket with a short extending cable to the phone, providing firm support to improve accuracy and eliminate issues with high recoil. Seek’s CompactXR can detect temperatures from -40° up to 626° Fahrenheit, with the ability to detect heat up to 1,800 feet away.   About InteliScope  InteleScope LLC is a business entity established to bring to market the Inteliscope tactical firearm mount and smartphone device apps. Inteliscope products are designed and assembled in North Idaho. The Inteliscope product lines may be purchased online at or from over 600 dealers worldwide. To place an order or to learn more, go to   About Seek Thermal   Seek Thermal engineers, designs, and manufactures high quality thermal imaging products, Seekware SDK, and core platforms for consumer, commercial, and heat sensing IoT data applications. With headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, the global hub of thermal imaging innovation, the company has developed breakthrough thermal imaging camera cores that will enable a range of affordable products for use at home, work, and play. Inteliscope, the Inteliscope logo, and Inteliscope PRO+ are trademarks of Inteliscope. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.
    210546 Posted by Chris Avena
  • 02 Apr 2014
          Carl Zeiss Sports Optics Adds New Sunshade for Riflescopes             NORTH CHESTERFIELD, VA., (March 31 , 2014) - Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, the world's leading manufacturer of high performance sports optics is pleased to announce the new sunshade accessory designed specifically for 42mm and 50mm CONQUEST HD5 and TERRA 3x riflescopes.  These uniquely designed sunshades will help prevent stray light from entering your scope and producing flare and glare across your sight picture. Prevent a sudden flash of sunlight from ruining your hunting experience with these new ZEISS sunshades.  Just attach the shade to the end of your scope, and enjoy the clarity it brings on super sunny days.  These shades can also drastically reduce glare so sunlight can't give away your position to game animals.  ZEISS sunshades are also designed to keep dust and rain off the objective lens. Another benefit of the sunshade is that it reduces the effects of mirage caused by heat coming off the barrel when firing repeatedly. Installation of the ZEISS sunshade is simple.  It can be easily screwed into place on the objective end of the scope.   Product features: Reduces glare from sunlight Anodized to match scopes’ matte finish Length excluding the threading is 3.75 inches Improves Image Quality Blocks Peripheral Light Shields Dust/Dirt/Debris/Moisture   MSRP’s:   CONQUEST HD5 / TERRA 3x 42mm     $53.42   CONQUEST HD5  / TERRA 3x 50mm    $55.54      About Carl Zeiss Sports Optics   Carl Zeiss Sports Optics is a leading, international provider of premium sports optics and is part of the Consumer Optics Group of Carl Zeiss. Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, LLC is responsible for sales, marketing and distribution of its state-of-the-art binoculars, riflescopes, rangefinders and spotting scopes throughout the United States and Canada. Carl Zeiss Sports Optics’ North American headquarters is located in North Chesterfield, VA.   About the ZEISS Group ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. The company has been contributing to technological progress for more than 160 years. Founded in 1846, the company now has its headquarters in Oberkochen in southwest Germany and has representatives in over 40 countries.
    62441 Posted by Chris Avena
  • 01 Jun 2014
                                         The Winds of Change By Chris Avena   Our forefathers had the vision to see far into the future to our present day America. They bestowed upon us the basic rights and freedoms as a strong foundation that our great country was built on. In present day America, it seems that our Constitutional Rights that were handed down to us over two hundred years ago are under threat of change.   In today’s America, it is politically incorrect to speak your mind in fear of offending someone. It has become a place were “Big Government” is slowly taking away our rights and freedoms that thousands of Americans fought and died to protect. The word Patriot is defined as one who loves, supports and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. We had the pleasure of speaking to Ted Nugent. Agree or disagree with his words or beliefs, but like it or not – Ted is here to fight for your rights because he is “A Patriot”.   SeeMeHunt - Do you feel that it is detrimental that the American Media allows commentators who are non- U.S Citizens to voice a strong opinion against our Constitutional Rights – thus, Influencing the American public to believe that our Constitutional Rights are in dire need of ratification?   Ted Nugent -Ya think! With the American and global media hellbent on an America hating, freedom hating, gun hating rampage, such consistency of hate for our sacred Constitution and overall American dream of individualism and individual rights and freedoms is brainwashing an ever increasing gaggle of ignorant and weak people to fall for the Saul Alinsky/Barak Obama scam of big government socialism. That is why that same media and government goons attack me and hate me. I wear it as a badge of honor standing up for we the people principles. It is that simple.   SeeMeHunt -The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) had listed firearm and ammunition sellers as “High Risk”. Since then, the Obama Administration has applied pressure to banking and lending institutions such as Bank of America, GE Capital and TD Bank to cut ties to gun stores and freeze assets to firearm related business. How detrimental can it be when the government can dictate to our financial institutions who they can do business with?   Ted Nugent- Tyrants, dictators, emperors, despots and gangbangers have always tripped over themselves throughout history to disarm free citizens and in every instance, it has turned out catastrophic for every society. The history of the world is rife with irrefutable evidence that the Obama government is maniacal in their "fundamental transformation" of the greatest quality of life in the history of mankind, and we the people damn well better wake up and fulfill our we the people responsibilities to pressure and direct our government employees what we expect of them. Anyone who seeks to force free people into unarmed helplessness is evil personified. Case closed.   SeeMeHunt -The New York Safe Act is the most aggressive and controversial piece of legislation on gun control to date. What is it that makes the Safe Act more about Gun Confiscation than Gun Control?   Ted Nugent - Only evil, rotten, dangerous people would claim that "shall not be infringed" means something other than the unambiguous statement it is. All laws infringing on law abiding Americans are criminal as are the creators and enforcers of such criminal laws. S   SeeMeHunt -Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel has lobbied hard to outlaw gun stores in the city of Chicago. As of now you will not find a gun stores in 99.5 percent of the city. The few stores that still remain will require a video record of all gun sales. How is this not a direct violation of our Constitutional Rights?    Ted Nugent- Rahm Emanuel is a direct violation of the US Constitution and all things holy in America. If there were truly justice in America, Rahm Emanuel, the president and his gun running attorney general Eric Holder along with Hillary Clinton and the whole America hating gang would all be arrested, tried, convicted and jailed for their clear and present danger to America. Period.   We are at a critical tipping point in our countries history. Our rights and freedmons are under attack. It is our obligation to question our elected officials and fight for what is rightfully ours before it is too late.
    35109 Posted by Chris Avena
  • 20 Jan 2014
        To: ALL MEDIAFor immediate release January 15, 2014 For more information contact: Bill Brassard Jr.203-426-1320 New York Benefits from Spending by Target Shooters   Read the Report View/Download as PDF   View INFOGRAPHIC LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- The National Shooting Sports Foundation has released a major new report about the importance of target shooting activities to the economies of New York and the nation. NSSF is the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry. The report, Target Shooting in America: Millions of Shooters, Billions of Dollars, was released today in conjunction with a press conference at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show), the largest trade show of its kind in the world and a showcase for the firearms and ammunition industry. The report provides a first-ever look at U.S. target shooting-related expenditures. Also included are state-by-state statistics for the number of target shooters, retail sales, taxes and jobs. The target-shooting report complements the Hunting in America report released by NSSF and the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies in March 2013. In New York, target shooting-related spending contributed $817,050,105 to the state's economy and supported 6,333 jobs. Nationally, the money target shooters spent in 2011 resulted in $23 billion being added to the nation's economy and supported more than 185,000 jobs. "More people target shooting is good news for the industry, and it is equally good news for America’s economy," said NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti. Retail sales related to target shooting account for nearly $10 billion, with rifle and handgun shooting being the leading contributors, followed by shotgun and muzzleloader shooting. California and Texas are the top two states ranked by retail sales. Combining data from Target Shooting in America and Hunting in America shows that target shooters and hunters together poured more than $110 billion into the nation’s economy, fueling more than 866,000 jobs. “Communities and businesses of all sizes benefit from these activities,” said Sanetti. Target shooters ($8.2 billion) and hunters ($8.4 billion) spend nearly equal amounts on equipment common to both pursuits, such as firearms, ammunition and accessories. Hunters spend more overall than target shooters when factors such as fuel, food, lodging and transportation are included. “The Target Shooting in America and Hunting in America reports give us a more complete understanding of the economic importance of the shooting sports to America,” said Sanetti. “We’ve long known about the recreational benefits of these activities, and now we know how much they contribute to our country’s financial well-being.” Read Target Shooting in America: Millions of Shooters, Billions of Dollars or view the report as a printable PDF. -30- About NSSFThe National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 10,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen's organizations and publishers. For more information, log on to  
    31661 Posted by Chris Avena
Hunting 24,504 views Feb 03, 2011
Get to know SeeMeHunt

Get to know SeeMeHunt

by Neil on January 25th, 2011

Today, the Social Network is probably the most powerful tool for just about anything. Keeping in touch with friends or family, following celebrities or just another form of advertising. These such social networks are very common in the world. Pretty much, any website you visit these days has the Blue “F” icon for Facebook, or lower case “t” for Twitter prominent somewhere on the page.

I’d like to mention to you about a new and upcoming social website specifically for the hunting niche. A website born last May that has steadily grown to over 1000 registered members. I recently discovered SeeMeHunt after Following this @SeeMeHunt on Twitter. Curious, I clicked on his link provided in his Tweet which brought me to a familiar looking looking web site. I could almost compare it to Facebook but for this guy looking for a new venue of sharing my hunting experiences and getting to know other hunters like me, I figured the creator was a genius!

I was honestly frustrated of the same old hunting and fishing forums and jumping all over their sites reading new and different threads pertaining to different items. Here I was staring at a new site and immediately registered as a member. I really struggle to stop making the comparison to Facebook as it acts and feels a lot like it but has it own uniqueness that makes SeeMeHunt one of a kind. So I quickly began fishing around with the site and uploading my profile picture. Entered a few bits of information about myself to share with others. The basics were done. Next was interacting with the members. It became apparent who the creator was after a friendly welcome message appeared at the top of the News Feed page and shortly after a personal message welcoming me to the site and explaining a little bit about it’s purpose. We exchanged a few more messages in the next couple days. Since then, I check SeeMeHunt almost daily now.


Chris & his big boar

So who was this faceless person I was chatting with? I only had a name “Chris Avena” and a distant profile picture of a guy standing behind a huge boar with his face slightly shadowed by his hat. So without further ado, here are some Q&A’s for getting to know Chris Avena – creator of

 UGA: What inspired you to start a hunting related social network site?
-How long has the site been up?
-How long had you been “planning” a hunting social web site?

C.A.: I have been hunting for 30 years. What inspired me to Start was the
desire to spend more time doing what I love. I have always loved Hunting and being
outdoors. I had a vision of creating a place where hunters from around the world can
meet and get to know each other. I wanted SeeMeHunt to be a place where hunters could
share their Knowledge, Friendships and Experience. I launched the site in May 2010 and
I am very pleased at how well received it has been.

UGA: Do you feel your page layout stands out much better than the other typical forum
- Do you feel it has its advantages or disadvantages?

C.A.: When I had envisioned I really wanted something that was more interactive than the standard blog or forum format. I wanted a place where hunters can meet, socialize & get to know each other. SeeMeHunt is an ever evolving cycle. Hunters get to indulge themselves and interact with other SeeMeHunt members. There are no disadvantages when everyone is enjoying their favorite sport. This makes SeeMeHunt become an everyday adventure.

UGA: Do you have web design or computer technology background? If not, What is your
background (work experiences)?

C.A.: My time is spent on certain aspects of my website. I have a web designer who works with me but I am responsible for every aspect of SeeMeHunt.

UGA: What are some of your most memorable hunting experiences?

C.A.: I would have to say that this past October during bow season when I came face to face with a big 350lb black bear at 30 yards was something that I will never forget. It was just about dusk & I was waiting to meet up with my hunting partner Bill and I see this flash of black about 100 yards off. I looked again and I see this black bear heading in my direction. I was on the other side of the stream sitting in a natural ground blind. The Bear seemed to be walking at a normal pace looking for a place to cross the stream. The bear appeared to have a big gate & was closing ground pretty fast. I had an arrow knocked but I couldn’t draw. It kept looking in my direction. It seemed like the closer this bear got to me, the bigger it got. Finally it stopped about 30 yards away. It found the place where he was going to cross the stream. All he had to do was walk five steps down the embankment and I would be sitting on a nice bear rug while I was writing this story. His nose went up testing the wind. I knew that I was busted. Suddenly, he looks right in my eyes! I was perfectly still. Focused on a potential shot staring into his black piercing eyes, both, waiting for the other to flinch. Then he put his head down, which is an aggressive posture. He was testing me but I didn’t move and I didn’t give ground. I knew at that point that either he was going to charge or he was going to retreat. I didn’t even have a chest shot at this point but I was still focused on getting one. Then, just like that, he turned and walked away. As I watched him walking away I realized that I was not nervous or scared about being that close to this potentially dangerous animal and that scared me. That observation is just something that stands out in my mind.

UGA: Have you traveled to any foreign countries to hunt? (If not countries, any other states)
- If so, what did you hunt?

C.A.: To date, I have not, however I have traveled extensively out side the U.S. but not to hunt. This year I do have a September bow hunting trip for deer in Kentucky and a bear hunting trip in Maine. I do have a several trips envisioned. Those trips would be part pleasure, part business.
UGA: You recently went to the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Can you explain what that is?
- Had you been to Vegas before?



Chris with Lee & Tiffany

C.A.: Yes, although I have been to Vegas several times in the past, this was my first Shot Show. The Shot Show is a trade show for the Outdoor Industry where all of the manufacturers showcase all of their latest products. The Shot Show exceeded all of my expectations. I saw everything from the latest rifles and hand guns by Thompson, CVA, Browning to the latest Tree Stands by Ameristep, The New Diesel UTV by Badboy Buggies, The latest Yamaha Grizzlie and the latest by C‘mere Deer, Mossey Oak, Wild Game Innovations, Primos and more. There were celebrity hunters there as well. I had the opportunity to meet Jim Shockey and his daughter Eva, Lee & Tiffany and a few others.


Chris & Jim Shocky

They were all warm and friendly people. The whole scene was pretty overwhelming at first but you get into the swing of it pretty quickly.

UGA:  Did you go for pleasure or business?

C.A.: I did go to promote but although I was there for business, it really was a pleasure being there. Do we really consider it work when you really love what you do? I am very passionate about making the largest Social Network for Hunting and Fishing very soon.

UGA: In your opinion, who had some of the best booths there?

C.A.: Every company brought something unique to the show. To me, it seemed like the larger the manufacturer, the more detailed and elaborate the displays were. Sure I have my favorites but some things are better left unsaid.


UGA: Is there anything new coming out that is note worthy?


Jim's Daughter Eva Shocky & Chris

C.A.: Thompson came out with the New Venture rifle that is in various calibers. It is just a beautiful Rifle. CVA also came out with some new models. Ameristep has the new Bone Collector line of Tree Stands with the sling back seats – very cool. There is a new wind direction detector by Firefly, Oilfield Camo, The new slimed down Thermacell with their new holster that you can clip to your day pack. From the moment you walk through the doors to the show you feel like you are in a hunter’s paradise.

UGA: What is your hunting preference (Bow, Rifle, Shotgun, other?)

C.A.: I had always been a rifle hunter. Over the past few years I have started bow hunting and I absolutely love it. I regret waiting so long to start bow hunting because now I am hooked on it. This past season I started hunting Black Powder as well. With each season that presents that perfect shooting opportunity – That is my favorite.

UGA: Being from NY, do you have a lot of access to hunting land? Is it Private or State land?

C.A.: Honestly, I think that I have hunted everywhere there is to hunt in New York. There is plenty of state land to hunt but I have always tried to stay on private land. I just felt more comfortable…..and safer.

UGA: Do you have any trophies on the wall?

Chris @ SHOT Show

C.A.: Yes but do we ever have enough of them?

UGA: Besides your own web site, where else can your members follow you on the internet?

C.A.: I am on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg all under SeeMeHunt.

UGA: In closing, what else do you feel we should know about you or your web site?

C.A.: is open to anyone worldwide. I am especially fond of the diversity of cultures that it has brought together, sharing not only their hunting stories and experiences but sharing their lives as well. is expanding into other areas. Our store will be expanding its product line. We are working on a New SeeMeHunt Spice Rub. We have New Sponsors that will be coming aboard as well. We will be planning a few Discounted Hunts for SeeMeHunt Members. Being a new site, we have a lot of plans ahead of us. I personally enjoy target shooting with a bow, rifle or muzzle loader. I like to try out new weapons and evaluate the performance of them. I am always trying to expand my knowledge of the industry and I enjoy reading about it, watching something about it on one of the hunting channels. I also like to cook and try out new game recipes. I enjoy trying new types of food. I just had some alligator last week. No – It didn’t taste like chicken. It was good though. My favorites are duck and rabbit but I will try just about any type of food once. You never know what you will enjoy unless you try it.

I want to Thank You Chris for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope after reading this you will go and check his site out and join myself and the other 1000+ members. We’d love to hear from you and share our experiences with you there!