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  • Weapon Depot The Gun Buyers Alternative
    by Chris Avena 1 1
    Chris Avena from SeeMeHunt speaks with Weapon Depot. It is a New way to purchase firearms and hunting /outdoor gear online. We discuss the process of purchasing a gun online and WeaponDepot.com seems to be the new exciting way to purchase a gun right from your livingroom.
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  • Chris Brackett is On Target at Shot Show
    by Chris Avena 1 1
    SeeMeHunt Speaks with Chris Brackett from Fear No Evil TV at the Outdoor Sportsman Awards for the Outdoor Channel & Sportsman Channel during Shot Show.
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  • Archery Bear
    by Chris Avena 1 1
    I took a pass on this bear during archery season even though it was an easy 30 to 35 yard shot. He just was not the bear I was looking for to lay in front of my fireplace
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  • Rhino Hunt - South Africa
    by Chris Avena 1 1 1
    Chris Avena from SeeMeHunt.com goes on a Green Hunt for Rhino in the Eastern Cape of South Africa for World Wild Adventures where they help collect important data to help preserve and revitalize the rhino's population.
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  • Welcome to SeeMeHunt.com
    by Chris Avena 1 1 1
    Welcome to SeeMeHunt.com Where you can connect with other hunters and outdoorsman
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  • Javelina Hunt in South Tx
    This video is my first trip to South Tx for hunting. Bryce and I each brought home 2 really nice Javelina! This video is my very first time editing, so bare with me on some of it...Im still learning! Thanks for watching!! Its also all spot and stalk!
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  • Whats Cookin?
    by Chris Avena 1 1 1
    Whats cookin with SeeMeHunt.com We will be cooking Drunkin Venison today.
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  • Bryces 2012 buck
    This is the footage from Bryce Hatfield 2012 buck, off our Ranch in West Texas. Bare with me on the editing...its not as easy as it sounds or looks! lol. Thanks for watching! Comments and Advice are welcome!
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  • Bowfishing Duck Creek
    by Joe 1 1 1
    Bowfishing Duck Creek, Puxico, Missouri 2013 with team Wild Concepts, Sara & Eric Whitehead.
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    by Joe
  • 2013 Utah Henry Mountains Sportsmans Buck
    by Kelly Cox 1 1 1
    The Final Chapter to Zach Mikesell's 2013 Utah Sportsmans Buck Watch as Zach along with family and friends take down a Giant 239" Henry Mountain Buck. With a under 100/yard kill shot. You will feel as if your in our back pocket!! Enjoy and stay tuned... Subscribe To My You Tube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ivideowil... More Video's, Pictures and Stories: http://www.i-videowildlife.com/ Follow me on.... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ivideowildlif... Instagram: http://instagram.com/ivideowildlife/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/iVideoWildlife
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