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  • Ultimate Outdoor Expo
    by Michelle Smith 1 1 1
    The 2016 Ultimate Outdoor Expo is kicking off its 4th year August 19th, 20th, 21st!! Come and enjoy the fun!!!
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  • Caza Hispanica, Fall 2015- Spring 2016 hunts
    by Caza Hispanica 1 1 1
    Video of Caza Hispanica´s hunting season Fall 2015-Spring 2016. An album of clients, hunted species and overall experience of a hunting holiday in Spain with Vicente Gill Outfitter. Music by: Kai Engel: Leaving
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  • Foxy Roxie
    Fox eating Deer Feed
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  • Mama Bear & Cub
    She's like waitttttt. wait here imma go check what the hell is that...
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  • Green Rhino Hunt - South Africa
    by Chris Avena 1 1 1
    Chris Avena from SeeMeHunt.com goes on a Green Hunt for Rhino in the Eastern Cape of South Africa for World Wild Adventures where they help collect important data to help preserve and revitalize the rhino's population.
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  • Speaking to the Grizzly Stik
    by Chris Avena 1 1 1
    We had the chance to speak to Tod Smith from Grizzly Stik. Grizzly Stik has a very different approach to bow hunting. it is based on momentum & penetration rather than kinetic energy & poundage
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  • SeeMeHunt Speaks to Zeiss Sport Optics
    by Chris Avena 1 1 1
    Chris Avena Speaks to Joel Harris From Zeiss Sport Optics at Media Day at the Range During Shot Show 2015
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  • First Deer Hunt With The Excalibur Crossbow
    by Chris Avena 1 1 1
    This was my first hunt with my new Excalibur Micro 335 Blackout.
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  • Lessons in Dangerous Game - Fieldsports Africa, episode 3
    by Nico Els 1 1 1
    Want to learn how to be a professional hunter? Want to make 50 approaches to angry elephants and pick up tips on hanging a leopard bait? It's all to be found at Southern African Wildlife College, plus there is Fieldsports Africa News, plus we are on a management impala hunt to remove an old ram inn order to let the new blood come through. Here is the #YouTube links to the main item: How to be a PH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YQJvd6pCkU&list=PL3KxM9c3T7K-UmDVhKgSDBzOoxsNl34Wp&index=2 Sign up for our weekly email newsletter http://www.fieldsportschannel.tv/register
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  • Mark Wills Talks with SeeMeHunt
    by admin 1 1 1
    Chris Avena of SeeMeHunt speaks to Country Music Star and the Host of Remington Country, Mark Wills about what makes him so passionate about the Outdoors.
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    by admin
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